Who is Tinkersmith?

Tinkersmith is a tinkerer, a lover of jewellery, collecting, making things & vintage bits and bobs.


After many years working in the fashion industry, Emma Wilson decided to channel her creative and technical skills in a new direction. Training for more than 10 years, while running her product development consultancy, Emma honed her silversmithing skills.

Emma’s pieces have long been sought after by her fashion industry colleagues and now with the launch of Tinkersmith London, everyone can get a little piece of her quirky world.

Tinkersmith London is an anthology of childhood memories, curious creatures, humorous and unexpected charms, necklaces, and bracelets.

Tinkersmith London has hand made these in the UK, using solid brass charms and sterling silver.


Tinker with Tinkersmith

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    Tinkersmith London is stocked online at stylesocial.co.uk